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Breezy is the production alias and recording project of New York based record producer and audio engineer Chris Anthony Brown. Breezy formed in 2016 as an artistic extension of Chris' collection of songs and ideas. Started in a recording space in Long Island, NY, Chris first made a name for himself in the underground rap community producing for up-and-coming artists like Soulja Lid and Lil Turbo

After becoming increasingly frustrated with relying on other artists to release music, Chris sought out to create trap instrumentals that could standalone without vocals. In late 2018, Breezy released the first installment in their “Digital Death” series, showcasing Chris’ ability to craft compelling instrumentals without the need for vocals. This was followed up with “Digital Death II” in 2019.

While studying to become a certified audio engineer, Chris gained an affinity for vintage recording equipment and techniques. During the Summer of 2019, he began to experiment with reel-to-reel tape recorders, drum machines and synthesizers. These experiments would become the basis for Breezy’s debut EP, "Mind Games".

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